1. How is Ouabain, G-Strophanthin, Strophantus Gratus taken?

​There are various ways it can be taken.

  • Capsules, swallowed (easiest) or opened and let the powder be absorbed 5-6 minutes within the mouth. You place the powder between the teeth and lip.

  • Tincture, efficient, but due to the alcohol not viable for sensible persons or any!! animals. 

We however,  believe that the pure natural capsule is the best form and has the easiest form of dosage.

Please click in the PDF link to download the instructions:


​2. Dosage

The consumation of Strophantus Gratus (Ouabain) Gratus capsules is easy .

The following values ​​are based on experience of our users.

The daily dosage is 3-6 capsules  a day 

​3. Secure ordering & payment options

The payment is secured via the world’s biggest

payment provider: PAYPAL.

Once the payment is received we aim

to dispatch the orders within 48h.


4. Returns & refunds

​Due to the nature of the product we will not

accept returns on opened packages.

In case of not having stock for immediate dispatch, we will announce so on the website and offer a refund.

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Oubain, G-strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, Strophantus kombe, may be a natural remedy for heart-disease. Other known names are: Strophantin, Strophanthin, Strophantus gratus, strophanthus gratus, strodival, kombetin, Ouabain,  Acocantherin,  Astrobain, G-Strophicor, Gratibain,  Gratus, Strophanthin, Kombetin,  Purostrophan,  Rectobaina,  Solufantina,  Strodival, Strovidal,  Strophalen,  Strophoperm,  Strophosan,  Uabaina,  Uabanin, Estrofantina, Strophanthin Urtinktur, Strophoral, Strovantil, 

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